This is a wishlist.

  1. Unlimited, spontaneous hugs. Back-hugs are even more splendid.
  2. Long handwritten letters.
  3. Personal mixed tapes.
  4. A cover of Coffee Shop Soundtrack — All Time Low (Acoustic Version)
  5. Cheesecake — no chocolate involved.
  6. A crate of Sola.
  7. Sign pens.
  8. Muji blank black spiral notebook, no lines, no grid. Blank.
  9. Pilot ballpens.
  10. More colorful socks.
  11. A blue/black bow clip.
  12. A huggable teddy bear.  Or a stuffed monkey/turtle/shark/hedgehog.
  13. A movie marathon.
  14. A series marathon.
  15. Secrets untold.
  16. Blank canvases.
  17. Pasta.
  18. Shirts with weird prints.
  19. Random noogies.
  20. A Starbucks 2013 planner.
  21. A grey leather jacket.
  22. A mushy/fright-fest sleepover.
  23. A big cozy sweater.
  24. Awesome leather + bronze metal bracelets
  25. A red beanie/bonnet

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