The Mixed Tape Game

Say hello to The Mixed Tape Game.

Five more days before I move out!

Well okay, not entirely.  I’ll be home for the weekends, with my mom and Potchi, i.e., Charlie’s little Alaskan Malamute sister, fetching me every week from my temporary home inside the campus grounds.

But it’s not just really “moving out.”  It’s college — ehem, Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, — which means a new form of pressure, but also means I’m given a fresh start.  Not entirely a clean slate, but it’s all good.  It’s also time for new traditions.

Mixed tape week’s starting with June’s last.  Time to make some new friends in a relatively peculiar fashion, (or maybe I’ll just run away right after taking their photo with it.)  Feel free to play along, but please give me some credit at the least.


Here’s how this game is played:

  1. Make a playlist for the month for the first three weeks.  The songs should be relative to how the month’s going, or pretty much just the music phase you’re into for that month.  It should have at least 7 songs, 12 at maximum.  Save your list on iTunes or a random folder.
  2. Burn your playlist on a CD.  Give it a name.  Provide a case and customize a cover.  Give a word, a phrase, or a sentence to describe your playlist at the back of the cover.  Put these instructions (how to play the game) at the back as well.  Write your name if you feel like it.  DON’T PUT THE TRACK LISTING.
  3. Take a picture of your mixed tape.
  4. Within the last week of the month, you HAVE to give away that mixed tape. (Don’t worry, you saved the playlist on your computer anyway.)
  5. You can’t give it away to just anyone, though.  It should be to someone you don’t know — a complete stranger, but part of the school community who you think at first glance wouldn’t waste your mixed tape.  Or maybe to someone you would really like to know more, but only know that person’s name.
  6. Go up to them and tell them you’re playing the Mixed Tape Game.  Ask for their name, and introduce yourself.  Shake hands or something, idk.
  7. Take her/his picture.
  8. Say thank you and be on your way.
  9. Keep in touch if you can.  Repeat steps for the next month.

I’ll be documenting whatever progress I gain here.

Cheers to both the new and the unchanging!