So here’s a new way to keep track of how I spend my free time 🙂

Cultured days to de-stress the weeks!  This year’s all for the entries for #CultureWeeks.

  1. Gary Baseman: Play With Us Or Else (VoV Gallery, The Collective; 03/07/14)
  2. BNV Poetry Slam 2013 marathon (03/15/14)
  3. Art in the Park 2014 (Jaime Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village; 03/23/14)
  4. Movie Marathon (03/29/14)
  5. TINDIG: Poetry Slam by The Polaris Project (DITO: Bahay ng Sining; 04/04/14)
  6. Midnight foodtrip craving (Recovery Food; 04/12/14)
  7. Ethnocentric interview sessions and lechon (Tanay, Rizal; 04/17/14)
  8. Philosophical Discussion (What Is Enlightenment? Immanuel Kant; 04/23/14)
  9. PhiloSoc Buddy date (8-Cuts, with Anton; 05/01/14)
  10. Philo 101 (PhiloSoc; 05/08/14)
  11. Have balls. Inspire writing. Move on. (05/12/14)
  12. Download TBK’s new album: Turn Blue (05/13/14)
  13. O. Villamiel’s Feast and Famine exhibit, and other exhibits; photowalk (Vargas Museum, with Anton; 05/20/14)
  14. Spontaneous gallery hop and photowalk (Bulwagan ng Dangal, with Anton; 05/20/14)
  15. Brillante Mendoza’s Sapi (UP Film Center; 05/20/14)
  16. Pinto Art Museum (Antipolo, with Chili; 05/28/14)
  17. First paid photo shoot (Ortigas; 06/07/14)
  18. Kosmograpiya, and How Did Architects Respond after 3/11? exhibit (GT-Toyota Asian Center, with Celine, Ting, Sancho, & Mikyla; 06/13/14)
  19. BTC 101, Training Day 1 & How To Train Your Dragon 2 (Pru Life UK Makati & Greenbelt; 06/18/14)
  20. BTC 101, Training Day 2 & The Fault in Our Stars (Pru Life UK Makati & Greenbelt; 06/19/14)
  21. BTC 101, Training Day 3 & night out (Pru Life UK Makati & The Plantation, with mom & ninong ipe; 06/20/14)
  22. IP Santos Golf Cup Primer & PALA General Assembly event documentation (Sequoia Hotel, with UPCLAS volunteers; 06/21/14)
  23. Yabu, first visit (MoA; 06/28/14)
  24. MY BIRTHDAY, Monster Pizza during Reg Week (08/05/14)
  25. CRANIUM: My 18th Birthday Celebration and Exhibit Teaser (Primos, 08/16/14)
  26. Tried out Lunchbox Diet for a week (08/19-22/14)
  27. Chili’s 18th (Chili’s Greenbelt, with DRMTM; 08/24/14)
  28. CASTLE Fair Launch (UPCA; 08/25/14)
  29. Beach House’s new location, first visit (KnL; 08/30/14)
  30. Rak of Aegis (Peta Theater Center, with Mom; 08/31/14)
  31. Dulce de Leche cupcake from Cupcakes by Gremlins, first taste (Maginhawa St, with Mom and Tita; 09/06/14)
  32. Baked Salmon from SALT, first taste (SALT Makati, with Mom; 09/21/14)
  33. Air-soft practical shooting for NSTP (UPD Firing Range; 09/25/14)
  34. Lav Diaz’s Norte: Hangganan ng Kasaysayan (SM North EDSA, with Chico, Kr, and Paolo; 09/23/14)
  35. D E C O N S T R U C T Phantasm (Hyve BGC, with UP Arki Forum; 09/27/14)
  36. Painting turn-over of The Trickster God (acrylic on canvas; CRANIUM series) to UP JMA’s Prime exhibit (Pi: Breakfast and Pies, with Joaqui; 10/06/2014)
  37. Exertion (acrylic on canvas; CRANIUM series) featured in Empty Rooms (AS Lobby; 10/13-17/2014)
  38. “Storybook tree” prop-up production (UPCA Blg 1, Atrium; 10/13/17)
  39. Arki Week 2014, Happily Never After (UPCA; 10/13-17/2014)
  40. 1-hour production for Arki’s Got Talent crown (glue gun and acrylic) (UPCA; 10/15/2014)
  41. Performed Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys for ARKAIRA Comeback Concert aka Hiyas 2014 (UPCA, with John; 10/17/2014)
  42. Brew Up by Palengkera, first visit; gave the guy 5 centavos, just because (ISSI, with Ronn; 10/21/2014)
  43. Life Rocks benefit concert (Newport Performing Arts Theater, with Mom; 10/23/2014)
  44. G. Damag’s Ifugao Red exhibit (Vargas Museum; 10/30/2014)
  45. The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart movie (10/31/2014)
  46. Okay, so I COMPLETELY LOST TRACK AFTER HALLOWEEN. Sorry. Anyway, I spent nights for interviews, had Socialight prod, ate out, sketched, baked, tried new commute routes without checking anything before just diving into it, Bigay Kaya, etc.  How I end my year, I have no idea yet (12/21/2014)
  47. I’m just stopping with the not-so-obligatory to-do lists for now, I guess.

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