Of repeated goodbyes and… well, not really.

I still remember that awkward day.  I didn’t know who the bus driver was, so I panicked and called up my mom, who in turn called them up, just to know what shirt color he was wearing.

Long story short, I eventually got out of the gate.

Other than the fact that I was new, I sort of came out of nowhere in the middle of the year.  I knew some people, said a few hello’s, but that was it.  By default, I sat at the back, Rubik’s cube at hand.  You introduced yourself and shook my hand.  First friend in the bus, and you were three years my senior.

I only really got to know you two years after — high school, finally — but I only had a year.  A year of sleepy mornings in the bus, mishaps, tears, confusion, stories, and firsts.  I only had a year to get to know you, really.  Well, at least I thought I did.

To be frank, I was miserable at first when you graduated.  But things didn’t really change that much, did they?  We were still friends, we still talk and meet up when we can, and I’m pretty much still able to tell you anything and everything.

We both look like crap :D

We both look like crap 😀













And now I’m about to start another year of firsts, and you’re about to leave again.


You’re still my big sister, and always will be.  Even if you are twenty.
IT RHYMES 😀  I love you to death.

Happy one year closer to extinction, you awesome person you.


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