When the walls cave in, we only have ourselves to blame.

Don’t show emotion; let this go.

Putting off blogging until feelings are sorted out isn’t really helping, so here it goes.


I feel like I’m such an asshole.
(There, it’s out.)

And I personally keep putting off any process of sorting my feelings.  I feel like it’ll take too long — that, or I just really refuse to accept the truth.  “Going with the flow” doesn’t really solve things outright, because all you do is wait for the thing to solve itself, which really isn’t going to happen.  You’re just too much of a lazy ass and a self-preserving git to even bother.

In that sense, you know you’ve sorted out your emotions.  Because if you really did care like you did before, you would’ve done something by now.

Because you know in yourself that you only “go with the flow” if you’ve done all that you possibly can on your part.


And so you just sit back and watch.


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