Four of eleven (vaguely and generally put)

I hate using erasers. I think they’re a waste of time, really.  Erasers are for emergencies — like for erasing pen marks off of something that’s marked with ‘no erasures allowed.’ Something you can’t really pull off without it being completely gone.

Why can’t we just learn to compromise, learn to make use of our mistakes and make them part of the big stupid artwork we try to pull off called life and appreciate it for what it is?  Well, we can, and I do, usually.  It’s that big stain that makes it what it is.

Another thing — you have to learn how to motivate yourself and stop complaining how you’re just tired and uninspired all the time — this one I learned the hard way.  Nothing’s going to happen while you wait around for some stupid green elephant to fly into your window — you have to find it and teach it how to fly yourself.  Does that even make any sense?

Also, don’t cram shit into your head if it doesn’t want to fit.  Prioritize your health — your SLEEP TIME.  Unless of course you like what you’re doing, (in my case, when it came to the Shakes Fest, Gallery Walk, Lit Deconstruction Trailer, Prom Preparations, etc,) just make sure you actually still have time to sleep.  But when it comes to things like exams? If you can’t be arsed to start studying early, you still have the morning, and if you lack time, that’s going to be your fault.  By prioritizing sleep, you force yourself to study earlier than what your usual procrastination level allows you, so you’re confident enough to allow yourself the luxury of leaving everyone online and catching up on some z’s.

Oh, and don’t even bother cramming for 4th quarter perios if you don’t have a personal relationship with how you write your notes/reviewers (in my case, I just use them as memory triggers — I don’t like studying at home, so when I review, I just recall what I’ve learned in class early in the morning before the first bell rings. It helps, really, as long as you’re listening/interested in class.)

Survival 101:  Make lots of acquaintances, choose your friends and learn who to trust.  Befriend your teachers, but not too close.  Make friends with the tita’s in the office, get to know the coordinators and make sure they know you in a good way.  Get lots of blank forms.  Know where to go, where to ask, what to ask for.  Always bring a ballpen and pack your sci cal. Stock up on I.D. pictures. (These are basically things you’ll be doing while you’re in high school.  Build up your reputation and your identity.  Make life easier for yourself.  Don’t piss off people. Fake it till you make it. and other blahs you’ll eventually find out.)

Find a big sis.  When you’re old enough, find a little sis.  No, you don’t have to be a freshman/senior. It’s basically anyone in a younger or older batch, one of the best people I swear you will ever meet during your stay, and one of the relationships that will last you almost forever, even outside the boundaries of high school.

You have to look forward to every school year — each one’s different, with its own story and its own handful of problems to throw at you and for you to throw back.  You’ll meet more people if you allow yourself to, and you’ll learn that those four (or shall I say six) years won’t really be that long.  Learn to appreciate it.

Take lots of pictures. Ehem, appropriate pictures. (Or just make sure to switch your albums to private.)

Teasing’s the limit. Don’t go overboard on bullying, (this would include your teachers.)  Learn how to respect others.  Learn when to shut up, apologize, say thank you, and ask.

Don’t be afraid to ask — oftentimes, the answer will always be a yes if you ask for something, or basically you’ll find out how to get what you want when you ask.  So yes, ask.

Kapalan mo na mukha mo while you can.

You have no time for regrets, especially in terms of not doing what you want to do, or not speaking up, or not telling someone what you want them to know.

And why the heck did you read through that?  The only things that made sense there are around the first three or four paragraphs.  But thanks — your effort was…. appreciated?


So it’s your turn.  Good luck.


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