An opportunity to risk everything and save the world?

An opportunity makes it seem so favorable… but nonetheless, my answer would be, well, no.

First of all, I do not have a hero complex.  Any heroic act that may come from me is all rooted on my tendency to be overprotective about the people I care for or causes I believe in.  And to save the world is not a cause I would believe in.


Because it would mean saving everyone and everything. Okay, so maybe it’s the teenage hormones speaking, but really? I wouldn’t risk everything for a chance at failed heroism and losing everything in the process.  If I were given the opportunity to risk my life to save the things I care about, sure.  But to risk everything, including the things I care about, to save the world? 

So maybe now my answer would be a no.  Put me in the situation, and, well, we’ll have to see.  Perhaps I can find some reason to become an ideal hero and sacrifice some things to save the exact same things and all the other evils in the world, despite the risk of losing all good.  Maybe I can find some faith in myself that this form of heroism will not fail — that maybe it would work, since no one else seems to be capable of saving the world or something.


Can’t I just pass the responsibility to someone else? No?  Well, good luck with that, because it’s a no from me.


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