And I swear that you don’t have to go.

I will always remember you as you are right now to me. So sleep alone tonight, with no one here just by your side.  And how does it feel? And how does he kiss? And how does he taste while he’s on your lips? I can’t forget you. I know you want me to want you, I want to. But I can’t forget you — so when this is over, don’t blow your composure, baby. I can’t forgive you.  I know you want me to want you. I want to.

Don’t worry.  You didn’t do anything wrong.
This is just me detaching myself before I do something I’ll regret.

Don’t worry.  It won’t take long.

I don’t think that I wasted my time on you, though.  You don’t know how thankful I am.  You have to know that you’re one of the only people who’ve genuinely made me happy this year.


I think you know the rest.
I won’t disappear.  See you soon.


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