Monthly Archives: February 2013

So we’re finally ending February! (Insert sarcastic hooray here)


I feel like this year’s going to pass by really really fast and I don’t want it to.
Let’s start living in the present to slow things down a bit, shall we?

On a different note, the last academic day ever for my high school life is tomorrow.
What to feel, what to feeeeeeel


And we’re leaving in 23 days.
People will be sorely missed.


Maybe something was there, and I just let it slip away again.


Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities.


Signs. Hints.

The undeniable truth right in front of you staring straight at your face.



And I saw it, but chose to ignore it.

But hey, if it’s meant, then something will happen.  The world will conspire with its reprehensible humor, and all I have to do is go with it.


So here I am, just going with it.