Raping the refresh button

Here we go again.

Had some free time, and guess what?
I thought about it — how it happened.  I went back to the ‘source-slash-main reason for this’

And fuck, I’m having second thoughts.

I may have wasted my time on you; I may have not, but so many what if’s just popped up today and I’m not sure anymore.

What if, at that time, didn’t choose you?
What if I wasn’t too much of a self-sacrificial git at that time and went with someone else?
But what if you really want to tell me something right now, but we’re both just still too caught up in the what-if’s of what might happen?
What if I decided on something else to do to get rid of my boredom at the start of the school year?  What dilemma would I have right now?

Then again, what if I made the right choice anyway and I’m just getting cold feet?
What if the other person’s thinking about the same thing I’m thinking about right now?

And what if I do something crazy again?  What would you do?


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