Silver — such a curse sought after.

Three weeks late, and not guilty. Lol.
And I am not guilty for only posting the following words for this.  They pretty much speak for themselves.

  1. Confused, as always *points at herself*
  2. Nostalgia
  3. Wrong guesses


Anyway, I didn’t even want to wake up today, (school’s back.)  And no, I never imagined getting to 2013 at all, so I’m currently, mostly, shotgunning decisions left and right for my lack of plans for self-improvement.  I’ll stop once my new lists are up.

On other news, got the Starbucks planner today — a gift from someone I’ve learned to trust, and I’ve really become thankful for her during 2012.   I’m reallyyy tempted to write on it already, okay?  But we’ll see.

And New Year’s home-cooked ribs from beloved Zombie and her sister.  I am not over those ribs.


Also managed to give away 5 paintings today — Loki, Ariel, Chowder, Penguin thing, and Elephant thing.  I also completely suck at Pinoy Henyo. #justsaying


Today was fine, minus the three mentioned above.


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