It’s getting tiring. Really.

It’s like there’s this huge Nimbostratus over my head.  I know this isn’t the first time for my head to be this exhausted, but that doesn’t really mean that it isn’t still as depressing as it was before.  The following are about entirely different people.

  1. Trying to fix something without breaking something else, and then they’ll just blame you for ruining everything that isn’t even supposed to be your fault.  Nice.  Good luck with that — but I swear, you have to grow up.  Fast.  Or else you won’t survive, I promise you that.
  2. You don’t really have to panic about it, you know?  It’s not like as if I’m bringing the issue back -__-;  sheesh. That’s the last thing I’d ever want to do.
  3. You are confusing.  Maybe I’m confusing you too LOL
  4. I need to start sketching again. And painting. Without having any obligation to do so.

It just sucks right now.  You hardly know half of it.



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