Monthly Archives: October 2012

Halloween’s just around the corner, and I am seriously psyched for this.
I’ll actually be spending my favorite holiday in Singapore /insert maniacal laugh here


Forget about trick or treating this year– NO SECOND THOUGHTS.  I’M GOING THROUGH WITH THIS.
And because we already bought the tickets hahaha.


Even after watching this other teaser:



Cannot contain my excitement.  I shall have no regrets.  I’ll just be screaming+laughing the entire time.


Should there really ought to be something special for the hundredth post?
No? Wait…yes? What?






What about starting a weekly “honesty post?”  Yes?  How does that sound?
Wonderful.  There goes my dignity.

I’ll still make them seem a tad vague, though.  Just for kicks.  And because this is the internet we’re talking about.


Let’s start with this one:

I’m seriously panicking in my head about a lot of things.
Including about you.


I was never good enough to be anything but a remedy to all of your constant pressing needs. And I never learned, so…


Okay, it’s honestly confusing.  You know it is.  And if you’re reading this now, well, diretsuhin mo na kasi.
Like what the cat said — like what you keep repeating to me over and over and OVER again.


And like what someone’s been saying:

“We’ve already started on it– might as well go all the way, right?”



Yeah.  You get that.
It’s getting a bit more obvious now.

Double the impact, and you have one last strike left.

I wonder–
Insert countless preemptive musings here.



What if I find out?
What if I already know?

What if you know?



–will you break?