Monthly Archives: September 2012

You’d think what you’re doing is PERFECT.



Then again, our strategies never work.


The words roll with your eyes–
petty, physically harmless,
emotionally unsettling as you chew your
bottom lip, scratching the skin and tasting
it– how it bleeds profusely onto your own
tongue, tasting yourself —
Physically unsettling.

My world was never okay.  Our world never existed.
The world was always fine.

You were fine.


There’s a big difference.  It’s called a withdrawal symptom.
Haphazardly complacent — used to the idea of something — then reality hits.


(Or so you thought it was reality
that hit you hard in the face.)

Still, you couldn’t take it.

You couldn’t.


You can’t.
So you make your move.


(Logic is ignored.)

You were fine.