Friday the 13th

So… it’s been a while.

This is the first official entry for July!
And yes, it’s Friday the 13th.

Today was so-so.

Almost got late, but I jinxed my own bad luck and I got to school on time, 5 minutes before the first bell, just in time for our Physics long test. Gosh.

Didn’t finish that test, though. HAHA.

The day sort of went okay. Econ long test, helping out in the SC room, bonding and reminiscing with Lara at the back of our bus (the yellow gray one :D) So yeah.

Oh, and I also “watched over” 3-H for Sir Isidro =)))) Fun fun fun. Trolling is fun.

That’s about it.  A proper post will be posted soon (I promise!)


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