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Jennifer Rooney, Forbes Staff

Today’s mom is confident, comfortable, and in control, empowered by technology that enables her to share her views, cull information and communicate with others—particularly her kids.

That’s the finding of “The Truth About Moms,” a new global surveyof 8,600 online moms released today by McCann Truth Central, McCann Erickson’s global intelligence unit. It paints a picture of moms not in emotional terms, and not as overwhelmed victims, but in the realities of today: More than two-thirds are tech-fluent, and 81% of moms regard themselves as expert in at least one mom subject, such as cooking and nutrition, child education, or crafts. They’re savvy, decisive and no longer on a quest to be perfect in every way. And they’re getting more adept at integrating their family, work and personal lives.

The new reality for moms, largely a positive one, is similar around the world:…

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Why do I suddenly have to try.

I’ve never had to try before.


And now it’s all complicated.
Or maybe not.

It’s simple, in a sense.


It’s simple that it’s gotten tiring.
But the whole thing itself is frustrating, which makes you more tired.


I’ve never been this tired before.

Let there be a storm to match
the angst of the hormonal generation.


The empty space

– that blinding white void that concludes,
and yet induces darkness-

was left by the nonexistent thief.


To obtain a time turner is necessary.
To obtain one is obsolete.


Death. Replication. Person.
Nothing else can replace-


(the nonexistent you.)