The 11th


This is seriously training for college.  I can feel it.  Like, everything has a different vibe- the array of teachers’ with different personalities (and separate demands requirements,) the whole enlistment thing (lol, duh) and, well, the workload obviously.

It seriously only feels like it’s the 5th quarter (or whatever,) as if we just came from a sem break- same class, anyway.  Same faces.  Except one, though.  (Or I guess, two, but I’m emphasizing on the one.  If you read this, you know who you are.  COME BACKKKK.)

But, all in all, I’m not in a school mode yet.  Though I am sincerely panicking inside for college entrance tests- mehe.  I’ll get into study mode soon enough.

It’s still also not sinking in that I’m a Senior, or the fact that we’re graduating.  And the fact that this is finally it.

After 10 long years, we’ve finally reached the 11th.  This last year, and then we’re off with the rest of the world.

My school really was is my second home.  I’ll miss it.


I’ll sleep early, yes?


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