Tinted (#3, 4, 5 and 6)

The third of June was urged by a lot of things (and a few spur-of-the-moment scenarios!)

Attended my tita’s wedding yesterday- actually did my own makeup out of nowhere!  And I managed to pull off a basic Addams Family smoky eye for the first time.  😀 (#3)

These were actually taken when I got home.

Uhh… yeah.













I wore black to the afternoon wedding. (#4)
Well, it’s not really that badass. I asked permission from the bride before I decided to really wear it, but it still felt like something spontaneous and a protest against stereotypes- which never fails to make me feel good.

Also had a spur of the moment shot with this guy (#5)

Soon to be posted in. It was on someone else’s camera.

Who is, hands down, a seriously awesome singer and musician.

I also randomly gave him a white rose that’s tinted blue.  Teehee. (#6)

It wasn’t really THIS rose, but it fairly looks like the one I gave him. Got this from the same bouquet.










Giving a flower to a stranger is something, right?  Plus I gave it to a dude who deserved it!  It seemed like no one was listening to him anymore during his second set, and I kind of felt bad since he was really good and should seriously make an album out of just his covers.  (I wanted jump onstage and sing with him whenever he started a new song!)

So yeah.  That was hitting four birds with one stone… or something along that line.
Four feats in a day.


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