“Red On My Ledger”

Can you? Can you wipe out THAT much red?

No,  no you can’t.  It’s my blood on your ledger- it’ll never be wiped out.

The moment you see me tweeting something like this,

Cursing at you in a very frightening and malicious way and killing you in my head in the hopes of you dying very, very soon. 🙂

and/or this,

I AM MAD… sort of.  Go get hit by a truck please, I want to shave off your stupid hair along with your face 😀

it only means I have unfinished business and an unsettled conscience triggered by one stupid thing.
(Thank you for failing me, curiosity.  This is what I get for finally deciding to put you on Restricted, and running into your profile picture, where I realize you’ve cut your hair similarly to how mine has looked for the past one and a half years.  It still looks better on me, believe it.)

It may not have been intentional, or maybe it was- I don’t know, and I honestly don’t care anymore, and I haven’t for quite a long while (ehem, I finally completely blocked you from viewing my profile to its core, you preposterous stalker!) but it doesn’t pacify my annoyance any more than your arrogance can.

I hate you, and I’m letting the world run its course in killing you slowly.
I won’t have any of your filthy blood on my hands, I assure you.

Your ledger is dripping.  It’s gushing red.



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