What if’s

What if your life was a TV show for others, and you just never realized it?

What if we were just Sims and God was the player?

What if we’re our own God’s and we could make our own worlds- we just never bothered to do it, and we never really thought of how to do it?

What if God had a God?

What if plants really have consciousness, and they’re just hiding it from us because they know we’d take advantage of them if we knew? *Simpsons reference

What if fairy tales and nursery rhymes were used to brainwash children, and they’re still in effect now with some secret cult organization thing that can initiate another world war with one phrase- or worse, a war with the universe (or something like that- you get me.)

What if everything was relative? Oh wait…

What if your life was a dream, and when you’re dreaming, you’re actually living your real life?

What if you could control anything in the world right now, and just never bothered?

What if someone found out that they could control the world with will alone and is doing it right now?

What if we were to evolve within  seconds?

What if I never made this list?


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