Red Knight. White Knight. Marching into the fight. Drink me. Shrink me. Fill me to sink me.


Apparently, there is no purpose behind giving away corsages and boutonnieres- so this useless tradition will not be honored by yours truly.

  • I have my purple nails ready.
  • My prom dress still fits like a glove.
  • My hat’s perfect (for me, at least.)
  • I have a date. Lol.
  • Will be headed to the salon by 3pm.
  • I still need to prepare the back-up blinker.
  • Should I bring a camera?

I hope the venue turns out okay. I hope I don’t look stupid.

I hope I don’t have to dance… or at least, I’ll dance fine without embarrassing myself.

Even though she’s dreaming, she’s unlocked the meaning for you.


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