We’ll fall apart on the weekend.

These nights go on and on and on.

Last day of being a Junior.


I have to say that Junior year was one of the most awesome years of my life- not just because of the topics discussed or the extracurricular activities, but mainly because of the people who made it just that, awesome. Every school year has its highlights, and I’d always say on the last day that it’s the best school year ever. But that’s just it. It’ll always be the best school year ever, because, unfortunately, I don’t have a time machine and I can’t compare it against itself, really.

So yes:

Freshman year was the best school year ever because of our big sis batch- and my big sis. This year was full of firsts. Literally.

Sophomore year was the best school year ever because of nomadS- bio room, the friends, interaction, and the birthday surprises.

Junior year was the best school year ever because of the class, the friends who stayed, the new friends made, the awesome topics, the unforgettable teachers and their legacies, birthday surprises, career exposure trip, JOG, Shakes, other epic activities, club, the upcoming prom, and the sappy goodbyes.

Senior year… we’ll see.

Gosh. This is so sad. One more year left. The seniors are gone, and we’re moving up. College comes after.

This sucks.


Hello, summer.

We’ll stagger home after midnight.

1 comment
  1. nshblu said:

    “it was a year of firsts..” junior year was too!! 🙂 Ms. V is just too awesome

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