The things she does make it seem like love.

If  it’s just a game, then I like the way that we play.

Extreme migraine right now. Cannot. Function. Properly. But.. gah. So many things left to do!

  • ComArts Thesis Paper (bibliography)
  • Read a bit for a Social Long Test
  • Actually get to SAVE the video (ugh… for days on end I’ve been trying, I swear.)
  • Do the c-‘s
  • Practice/sleep

I think there’s something else… but, gah. Life.

On the other hand, the whole week’s starting off with hints of suicide/self-injury/death (but more on suicide) everywhere. Like, seriously.

  1. GLEE (On My Way) DAMMIT. ;_____;
  2. Dogs/insects/whales/horses committing suicide.
  3. Dogs jumping off a bridge. That same bridge. AND they’d climb up and jump again if they survive the fall.
  4. Soldiers in the WWI/Great War committing self-injury/suicide because they don’t want to fight.
  5. Social book- Genocides, suttee, suicide of Clive.
  6. Smells of formaldehyde/gas/etc.
  7. Little chicks nearing their death in the hands of small, clueless children.
  8. News of self-injury from someone.
  9. SPOILER ALERT Huli and Simoun killing theirselves (like, wtf)
  10. Radio clock = 9:11, just before mom turned the clock off because it was annoyingly blinking.
  11. Stupid migraine.

Well, there. Now off to do the first thing on the list (thesis paper finishing)

Oh! And I saw my big sis today. Got to hug her. I missed her. And her hugs. 😦 🙂

I shall stop procrastinating now.

When we were in love, things were better than they are.


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