Finished September 14, 2011

©Camcas Cervantes


“My name is Avery.  No one ever told me when I was born, but with disproportional body parts, I would say that I am around twelve- or maybe fourteen.  My auburn hair would fall just beneath my shoulders, as it has always been kept.  My frocks would change from time to time- sometimes a plain gray, a bright red, blue green, or, like what I am wearing now, a hazy purple shade.

I’ve lived around performing arts my entire life.  I have been up on stage for countless times- acting, narrating, dancing, singing, you name it.  I cannot say that there is anything else I do, or that I CAN do.  Monsieur Sebastien would usually just throw me around or lay me at a corner or in a box away from all the other puppets.

Yes, I’m a puppet.  Or at least, that’s what they call us.

I have been told of my duties as a puppet- to perform to please, to obey every command, to keep silent when not spoken to, and to never complain.  Well, it wasn’t like we COULD complain.  Monsieur Sebastien had taken care of us well.  He made sure that we all looked our best and that we stay fit and polished- most especially me.

A day came when Madame Zoe, Monsieur Sebastien’s wife, brought over the Insignia folk and closed down our puppet show.  They took away the other puppets as well, but Monsieur Sebastien had kept me well hidden under a secret compartment in his closet.  I continued to perform for him, and him alone.

He had several methods of puppetry, and I had been molded to be fit for each.  He could use his hand, or a long stick, but his favorite was using strings.  He would tie strings around my wrists, ankles, waist and neck, and control me from there.  They hurt sometimes, but I could never complain.  It was of the norm for me.

A year passed and Madame Zoe took me out of the compartment.  She stared at me with longing, puffy eyes and embraced me.  The next thing that I remember is waking up in this room and talking to you, Doctor Somme,” said the little girl.

“Thank you for your time, Avery.  I shall be seeing you soon.”

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