Finished September 29, 2011

©Camcas Cervantes


I’ve been so afraid of heights ever since my brother Joe pushed me off, headfirst, down a ladder in our playground when we were in preschool.  But hey, I plotted my revenge.

My brother was as street smart as he was handsome- always getting honors and always getting all the girls.  Me? I was invisible. No one knew me. Joe never acknowledged me, and I learned to let it pass. During middle school and high school years, I failed to perform my revenge. Although, I did manage to give him a few injuries here and there.

After graduating college, he went straight to work as a typical employee.  But after a few years, he quickly brought up his own credential firm.  This was when I made my move.

News update:  Young CEO falls headfirst down elevator shaft, probable suicide

What can I say? I missed my brother.

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  1. Kristine said:

    hmmm. ugh sakit sa ulo. =)))))))))) galing

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