A Choice? (S.A.D.)

It’s Happy Single Awareness Day tomorrow!!!!! (aka Valentine’s- the accursed day.)

Oh well, that’s life.

I didn’t have school today! Or, at least, I didn’t attend class. I spent the morning baking cupcakes, then the afternoon preparing everything for our gallery launch/exhibit itself (ManilHEART) for Valentine’s day (which will last until the 15th- PASS BY AVR A-B, OKAY?! VIEW/BUY OUR PAINTINGS 8D) I think we have free ice cream.. I don’t know =))

Anyway. It might as well be the best school day of the year- or best school day EVER, actually. Mehehe. Spending the whole day for baking/eating/art? WHAT ELSE CAN I ASK FOR?

Well… I guess it’s what I really want to do in life. No life or death risks, (well, some…) no UNWANTED responsibilities,  (I wanted all that was thrown at me) and working with people that love doing the same thing you’re doing. People who are willing to put their time and effort, as well as people who have the same interests and vision as you do. (People who may or may not like your music, who either sing along or be bold enough to ask to change it to their music for the mean time…) Yes , those people. Gotta love them.

College plans? Idek. I still want money… lol, or at least a stable job. I know I won’t get that from… what I love.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day S.A.D, isn’t it?  I think I’m still high from all the fun. 8D

Oh well.


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