We’re the chemists who’ve found the formula to make your heart swell and burst.

The last day of our supposed Christmas break… and I’m supposed to study today.

Or at least do the homework, and then study for the remaining two days before our Periodical tests.

Procrastination at its best! 

Am I making life more hard for me? Maybe. But whatever. At least I got to finish some stuff:

  1. two paintings
  2. mask
  3. Chem homework (though I think I did it wrong…)
  4. Read El Filibusterismo until Chapter 11 (I still need to finish until Chapter 15)
  5. Read about a few of the Shakespeare plays our batch put on
  6. bought a gift for my exchange-gift person (club)
  7. learn new tabs for Buckbeak 
  8. Made a “The Apocalypse” playlist
  9. This post? 8D



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