…with Nel

Chatting with mindlessandroid

This was what came up on her side of the convo:

…a thought came to me.. why do people things that they’ll know na masasaktan lang sila in the end.

Why  indeed.

Maybe because in the end, we’re not thinking about ourselves.  We’re thinking about the other person.

Or maybe just the chance of the two being together.

I mean, without taking the risk, the human race would go extinct.

And who said it only hurts in the end?  You’ll start wincing from the very beginning, and have ups and downs throughout the whole shenanigans- both mutual AND  unrequited.

But that never stopped EVERYONE from doing it over and over again, has it?

Or maybe we’re all just really stupid when it comes to it.


  1. this is the human race after all. and you know what they say about us…

    • Camcas Cervantes said:

      What DO they say about us?

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