Let’s pretend that I pressed a random, floating restart button that deleted my old, empty WordPress blog, and I end up writing this pathetic excuse for a first entry for this new so-called blog. 

You won’t get anything about me out of the ‘About’ section, unless you’re willing to stalk me on tumblr/facebook/twitter/or maybe even youtube. So I’ll make it easy.

My name is Camille, 15 years of age as of the 5th of August this year. My life equates to pencils, empty paint tubes, a battered Ferrero Rocher plastic cover filled with dry acrylic paint blotches, guitar solos, strummed or plucked strings, folded page corners, crumpled book covers, a small box of clothing tags, Rockband 2 microphone recordings, an overused signature, chattering keyboards, gliding pen tools, Sola bottle caps, imaginary cows, and as of right now, high school. Let me not waste your time, but I honestly don’t mind if you keep reading. It’s amazing how you even managed to GET to this blog. Or read this post. Or bleh. 


(New year, new blog)



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