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Feast and Famine | Oca Villamiel

15 May to 13 June 2014 at the GF Lobby and West Wing Galleries

The UP Vargas Museum in cooperation with Light and Space Contemporary opens Feast and Famine, Oscar Villamiel’s fifth one-man exhibition on May 15, Thursday, 6PM at the Lobby and West Wing Galleries of the museum.

In Feast and Famine, Villamiel gathers and displays detritus and discards as a form of testimony: traces of the living in a milieu permeated by malaise.

The exhibition combines several forms of artistic expression that Villamiel has explored over the years: installation, painting, mixed media and assemblage. But going beyond formal or technical concerns, Villamiel salvages and rearranges found objects as traces of social reality. Handmade cages filled with an assortment of discards and artifacts collected around the country harbour narratives of survival. Hundreds of dolls salvaged from one of the country’s largest dumpsites…

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i had learned to ignore the meaning
behind each lyrical mnemonic.
the bass alone– it pulls the trigger
to old, anterograde alarm clocks

the bass alone is an agreement
of the senses disturbed by its push.
cadence impulsively follows beat,
a nonexistent hook to false why’s

and true woes that break monotonous
inconsistency, the undefined
habits of defining anything
for illusory understanding.

the bass alone does not have meaning.
its excitement draws from destruction
of reason, curious cat’s tongue damaged
to lack guilty conscience for casual

excuses to interpret the bass
as a cue to unwind your gut feeling,
to replay the track whose meaning we’ve
learned to mutually love and ignore.

the bass, alone, is no more.

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